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What to Wear

General notes for guys and girls – bring/wear clothes you are comfortable in! If you are comfortable, it will reflect in the portraits. Likewise, if you are uncomfortable, well, you know the rest….

  Always bring a good mix of clothing – don’t bring six beige shirts. Generally, solid colors work best. Small prints can also be OK. Large prints, wild patterns, etc. have their place, but not for every shot!

  Bring clothing that has school logos, relate to your hobbies or sports, or just have special meaning to you! We want to create a portrait ABOUT you, not take a picture OF you! During your pre-session consultation we’ll discuss specifics about YOUR session.


Jeans, shorts, tees, polos, you almost can’t go wrong! Always bring a solid black shirt and a solid white shirt, tee shirts OK. Shoes – whatever is you. Barefoot is OK also. If you’re a surfer, bring your board shorts and board. If you’re an athlete, bring your sports equipment. If you rodeo, bring your boots, saddle, buckles, lariat, etc.


Jeans (the more holes the better!), capris, shorts, skirts – whatever is you! Like the guys, always bring a black shirt and a white shirt.

  General note – I do NOT recommend sleeveless tops! They can present the arms in an unflattering manner. If you really want sleeveless tops, bring them and we’ll discuss when we review your clothing prior to your session.

  Jewelry – whatever is appropriate for you, everyone is different. Hair and makeup – very natural, as you would normally wear it. An exception would be if we are going for a particular look, such as a high fashion look, you may want to pull your hair up and put on a bit more bling.

  Shoes – bring what you would normally wear, but barefoot is always great!  You may also want to bring, and I highly recommend, pumps or heels.

  Bright colors or animal prints are fun. Last year’s prom dress is always fun, as is anything with animal print or texture.