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Top 10 Senior Photography Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Choose the right photographer with whom you have met and are comfortable.
  2. Choose the studio which lets you be and express yourself.
  3. Bring a friend to your session.
  4. Expect something Special, and be prepared to get it!
  5. Check out all the cool digital effects we do!
  6. Check out how we can make your session totally yours.
  7. Realize that someone you know with a digital camera is not always a professional and can’t provide the same options that L-Ann Imaging can provide.
  8. Know that we have something for every budget.
  9. Know that we are your one stop Studio for all your Senior portrait needs.
  10. Know that you are only a Senior once, and your portraits will last long after the sweetness of a “bargain” price has faded.


  1. Don’t pick a photographer based solely on price.
  2. Don’t choose a photographer without visiting their Studio.
  3. Don’t wear sleeveless tops for your portraits.
  4. Don’t pay extra for your pets, your family, or anything that you want in your session.
  5. Don’t go where the School tells you to go without checking them out!
  6. Don’t pick a photographer based on a single example of their work – ask to see an entire proof set.
  7. Don’t pick a photographer you are uncomfortable with.
  8. Don’t settle for less than L-Ann Imaging!
  9. Don’t forget to bring everyone to view your proofs.
  10. Don’t choose another Studio for your Senior portraits! Visit, visit, visit!