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Tips for your children’s session.

  1. Relax!

    It sounds too simple to work, but when a parent is nervous, the child picks up on it. So, take a deep breath and remember – this will be a totally different portrait session than you have ever experienced before. We’re not a department store “studio”, or a chain you find in the mall. Laura Ann has been photographing children for over 10 years, and she has a special bond with children.

  2. Smiles.

    Please don’t worry about or coach your child how to smile. Smiles are our responsibility and our specialty. Sometimes, the “notsmile” is just as enchanting. Also. don’t make it a big deal to have their portrait made. Some children leave and don’t even know we captured them! They came in and had fun. No stress, no big deal!

  3. When to arrive.

    5 minutes early is usually plenty of time. Arriving too early will try your child’s patience, but they do need time to adapt to a new environment.

  4. Your role.

    We consider you as part of the team! We welcome you into the camera room, and children usually feel more comfortable when a familiar face is present. One thing we would ask is that you refrain from talking to your child when things are going great. Sometimes a familiar voice can break the child’s focus, and pull the child’s eyes away from me. Also, please do not bribe your child. If needed, let me bring up a bribe and save yours for later. It’s not always needed, but it’s nice to now it’s there as a last resort.

  5. What to bring.

    Less is more. Generally, the fewer people in the camera room the better. Our camera room is equipped with a closed circuit TV, so additional guests may wait in our gallery and view the session comfortably on our monitor. Feel free to bring along a prop from home as this will also tend to take away the “strange place” feeling and make it more fun.

  6. Clothing.

    Keep it simple! The more complex the outfit, the more we have to push and pull. The more simple the outfit the more we can concentrate on expression. For very young children, under 6 months, clothing can be a real hindrance as it tends to bunch up and can even overwhelm a very small child. Less is definitely more here! Avoid outfits that your child perceives as “itchy”, or uncomfortable. This tends to make them frustrated and cranky. Make your child the star of the show by keeping colors less “strong”, and staying with solid colors or simple patterns. Shoes are optional, many times barefoot is better!

Totally confused? Don’t be! Feel free to give us a call to discuss your session.